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Kansas Golf Associaition

Bump Up The Pace

BUMP UP THE PACE is a KGA initiative to help educate players on the importance of Pace of Play. Whether it is in a national championship, a KGA state championship, a KGA Senior Series event or just a round at your club, we hope that everyone will join us as we promote a better pace of play.

BUMP UP THE PACE is a way to address Pace of Play issues as well as trying to get golfers to not only play faster, but to make it a more enjoyable experience. Golfers tend to play better when they get in a rhythm that is not too fast, but certainly not too slow.


  • BE READY TO PLAY WHEN IT IS YOUR TURN - Your turn begins when the golfer playing before you strikes their ball. When you are first in rotation, your turn begins when the group in front has fully cleared.
  • KEEP PACE WITH GROUP IN FRONT - If you can’t see the group in front of you, then your group is most likely OUT OF POSITION. Do your part and keep pace with the group in front of you. The group behind you is not relevant when determining your pace.
  • GOLF GLOVES - Put your glove on BEFORE your turn, not during your turn.
  • DISTANCE - Determine distance BEFORE your turn. Time spent calculating distance during your turn can delay your group.
  • CLUB SELECTION - Choose your club BEFORE it’s your turn to play.
  • PUTTING - Begin to determine the line BEFORE it’s your turn. If you must read the putt from the other side of the hole, please do so whenever possible before your turn.
  • PRACTICE SWINGS - Limit your practice swings to more than TWO. You are most likely taking too long to play your tee and approach shots when taking more than two.  The USGA suggests only one practice swing.
  • GOLF CARTS - Do not sit idly in the cart before your turn.  Ride or walk to your ball without undue delay so that you will be ready to play your shot when it is your turn.
  • ERRANT SHOTS/LOOKING FOR BALLS - Use good judgment and be considerate. Everyone has had “one of those rounds” where the ball is finding the “trash” often. Please do everything possible to maintain your pace. This can include utilizing provisional balls and limiting your ball search to 5 minutes or less.
  • READY GOLF - If no one in your group is READY TO PLAY and YOU ARE, please go ahead and take your turn.

Establishing the good etiquette habit of being ready to play when it is your turn is easy to do. By doing so, you will never feel rushed to play your shot and you will always play your round at an acceptable pace.

BUMP UP THE PACE was named after long-time KGA Committee member and past association President Hal Bump.  Hal, who passed away in February of 2013, was a strong proponent of promoting pace of play within the Kansas Golf Association.