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Kansas Golf Associaition

Championship Player Information

Please read the entire memo below as there is some items that require action on your part prior to your arrival at Milburn Country Club. Those items include golf cart information, practice round scheduling, practice facilities and player registration.

Schedule of Events

Monday, July 15th – Practice Round

Tuesday, July 16th – 1st Round Stroke (18 holes)
Wednesday, July 17th - 2nd Round Stroke Play (18 holes – cut made)
Thursday, July 18th – 1st Round Match Play (7:30 am)
Friday, July 19th – 2nd & 3rd Rounds Match Play (7:30 am / 12:00 pm)
Saturday, July 20th – Quarterfinals & Semifinals Match Play (7:00 am / 12:00 pm)
Sunday, July 21st – 36 Hole Final Match (7:00 am / 12:00 pm)

Host Club Information

Milburn Country Club

7501 W. 69th St.
Overland Park, KS  66204

General Manager: James Nanson
Director of Golf: Luke Smith
Head Golf Professional: Kyle Capps
Golf Course Superintendent: Steve Wilson

Championship Format

All championship contestants play in the first and second 18-hole rounds on July 16th and 17th. After these 36 holes, the low 64 scores will be determined. If a tie exists for the 64th seed, a sudden-death playoff will be conducted on July 17th and will begin 10 minutes after the final score is posted to the main scoreboard.  The starting tee for the playoff will be announced and posted to the main scoreboard.  All players subject to the play-off must be present at the play-off starting tee for the call of the roll. Any player not present will be eliminated from the play-off.  The match play bracket will be determined and seeded based on the player's 36-hole score with ties broken by scorecard return. Matches will be played over 18 holes, with the exception of the Championship match that will be played over 36 holes.


The registration table will be near the golf shop patio at Milburn Country Club and open on Monday, July 15th from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. At registration players will receive their contestant packet that includes player gifts, information on KGA local rules and addendum to local rules, host club policies, confirmation of 1st and 2nd round tee times, questions answered or assistance provided. Players will also sign the club appreciation scroll.

Practice Round

The official practice round day is Monday, July 15th. Times are available from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm only. No golfers will be allowed to tee off after 2:30 pm. Please email or call to schedule your practice round tee time requests (kga@kansasgolf.org or call (785) 842-4833 ext. 2).  DO NOT call Milburn Country Club golf shop to arrange practice round starting times.  Emailing your request will result in the quickest response. The practice round will be paired in groups of four. It will be helpful if you arrange a group of four and only one person contact the KGA.

Golf Carts (Players & Spectators)

Contestants are strongly encouraged to walk during the championship, but golf carts will be available for rent at the expense of the player on a per round basis.

Practice Round & Tournament Rounds
- Players may use carts to transport themselves during the practice round and tournament rounds.  The cost of golf cart is at the expense of the player.  Practice round cart fee is $22 per player plus tax.  Credit card is the preferred method of payment.  Only two carts are allowed per tee time during the practice round.  No exceptions.

Spectator Carts - Spectator carts will NOT be available during the championship.


The KGA requires that any caddie while serving in that capacity be identified by wearing a caddie bib with the player’s name attached (provided by the KGA).  Individuals failing to comply with this KGA requirement will not be permitted to serve as a player’s caddie.  Caddies must comply with the KGA dress code requirements to be allowed to serve in the role of caddie.  Caddie bibs must be returned following each round of play so that they can be laundered and prepared for the next round of play.

Exceptions will be made on the caddie bib wearing requirement if the temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

Practice Facilities

The practice facilities are for practice PRIOR to your round only.  Practice following your round is not allowed.  The practice facilities will open one hour prior to the first starting time each day.

Methods of Payment

Golf Carts
– The preferred method of payment for golf carts is by credit card.  Cost is $22 per player plus tax per round.  Only two golf carts are allowed per starting time.  No exceptions.

Food & Beverage – Players and spectators may purchase food and beverage in the clubhouse or outdoor grill near the practice putting green.  Credit card is the preferred method of payment.  No outside food and beverage is allowed on club property.

Bring a personal water bottle for on-course drinking water usage.


Typically, Kansas Amateur week is a hot one.  Hydration is extremely important.  The KGA strongly encourages you to make a personal water bottle part of your equipment for the week.  The club will have several places on the course where you can obtain ice and/or water.  The snack shop in the clubhouse has food, bottled water and sport drinks for sale.  Please do not bring such items to the golf course as it is appropriate that they be purchased at the club.

Gift Certificates

Players that advance to match play will be awarded gift certificates redeemable for merchandise in the Milburn Country Club golf shop.  Gift certificates for players that lose their match must be claimed prior to the completion of the championship.  Any gift certificate not claimed will be voided after the championship is completed.  High school players that are still enrolled in a Kansas high school sanctioned by the KSHSAA are not eligible to receive a gift certificate per the KSHSAA amateur status policy.

Championship Policies

Click here to read information on Hard Card, Conditions of Competition, Electronic Devices, Pace of Play, Withdrawal, Conduct, Footwear and other policies.

Close of Competition

The competition shall be deemed to have closed when the symbolic prize for the event has been presented, or if no ceremony, when all scores or results have been approved by the Committee.

Good luck to all contestants and thank you for your support of your golf association.  Your expressions of thanks to the staff of the host club and KGA volunteers are always appreciated!