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Heart of America Four-Ball Match Play Information

Match Play Pairings & Results

The KGA and KCGA are pleased to have you and your partner as one of the 32 qualified and bracketed four-ball teams representing the two association's for the new Heart of America Four-Ball Championship to be played at Topeka Country Club on August 7-9.  Please read the information below as it will provide you with the information you need regarding the tournament schedule, carts, practice rounds, etc.

Match Play Starting Time Schedule - The match play bracket with match times will be announced on Wednesday, August 2nd.  The schedule of the championship calls for two match rounds on Monday (7th), two match rounds on Tuesday (8th) and the 36 hole final match on Wednesday.  Note: the seed your team earned at the Kansas Four-Ball or Kansas City Four-Ball may improve by the time the official seeding is made.  This would be the result of a team or teams originally seeded higher than your team did not enter the Heart of America Four-Ball.  Alternates that are placed in the bracket will be given the bottom seeds.

There is no consolation bracket in the Heart of America Four-Ball, and the bracket is single elimination.

Monday, August 7th
- Round of 32 matches begin at 8:30 am from #1 & #10 tees
- Round of 16 matches begin at approximately 1:00 pm from #1 & #10 tees

Tuesday, August 8th
- Quarterfinal matches begin at 8:30 am from #1 tee
- Semifinal matches begin at approximately 1:00 pm from #1 tee

Wednesday, August 9th
- 36-Hole final match begins at 8:00 am

Carts - Golf carts may be used at the expense of the player/team.  Cost is $40 plus tax per team per day.  Only one cart is allowed per team.  Spectator carts are available at the discretion of the host club.  Please call in advance to inquire about availability.

Practice Round - Topeka Country Club is available for practice rounds after 1:00 pm on Saturday, August 5th or Sunday, August 6th.  Cost is $50 per player (walking) or $75 per player (cart).  Call the Topeka CC golf shop at (785) 354-8563 to arrange a practice round.

Gift Certificates - Gift certificates redeemable for merchandise in the golf shop at Topeka Country Club will be awarded to teams that advance to the Quarterfinal Round.

Top 16 Available Seeds from Kansas Four-Ball Qualifier:

  1. Roberts/Lane
  2. Shartzer/Morris
  3. Cooper/Ulrich
  4. Fehr/Vilkanskas
  5. Wempe/Dickerson
  6. Lazzo/Christian
  7. Dugan/Valdivia
  8. Gannon/Shanks
  9. Percy/Brands
  10. Schaeffer/Silberberg
  11. Pauls/Pauls
  12. Rinehart/Foth
  13. Pitcher/Austin
  14. Graf/Burns
  15. Gantz/Roberts
  16. Coble/Wintz

Alternates (in order; determined by lot when tied):

  1. Pfaltzgraff/Crawford (available)
  2. Maike/Londeen (available)
  3. Larsen/Larsen

Top 16 Available Seeds from Kansas City Four-Ball Qualifier:

  1. Bell/Soyez
  2. Mertz/Mays
  3. Walsworth/Walsworth
  4. Mason/Parrott
  5. Grego/Pickett
  6. Hillyard/Quandt
  7. Richey/Cunningham
  8. Kelley/Kelley
  9. Pahls/Clark
  10. Kramer/Hawken
  11. Truninger/Seid
  12. Addington/Terranova
  13. Schneider/Beaubien
  14. Gregory/Haskell
  15. Rome/Wiehe
  16. Falley/Beckler

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