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Kansas Golf Associaition

About Club Services

General Services:

The Kansas Golf Association is proud to provide its member clubs USGA/GHIN services.  We believe these services are the best available handicapping service for the membership and has many advantages.  GHIN services provides software that effectively manages score posting; Handicap Index calculations; exceptional tournament score reduction; allows access to all Course Ratings and Slope Ratings contained in the association-wide database; performs golfer Handicap Index and score inquires; networks all golf club members on the GHIN service and much more.

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Member Club Benefits:

  • Handicap Computation & Course Rating Services
  • eClubhouse 
  • eRevision report (requires valid email addressin golfer profile)
  • 17 Golf Championships
  • Rules of Golf Administration
  • Online Score Posting
  • Hole-In-One and Age Shooter recognition and certificates
  • Junior golf competitive programs
  • Senior golf competitive programs
  • Interstate Team Competitions
  • International Team Competitions
  • Website (www.kansasgolf.org)
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Scholarships
  • Turfgrass research support
  • USGA liasion
  • Consultation on a wide variety of golf topics
  • Satisfaction of supporting the game of golf in Kansas

Handicap Demographics:

The Kansas Golf Association serves over 10,000 golfers (9,820 men and 355 women) at 157 clubs throughout Kansas, either directly or indirectly.  Of the 157 clubs, 14 receive their handicap services from the Kansas City Golf Association.  The remaining 143 KGA clubs receive the KGA/GHIN Handicap service in one of two ways: 76 through their own PC's electronically using GHIN EO software and 67 through GHP Online Clubs and Online Golfer.  34 of our clubs offer both men's and womens' handicap services.