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Course Rating

Every golf course receives both a USGA Course and Slope Rating for each set of tees that is rated. As authorized by the USGA these services are provided at no additional charge to member clubs.  The rating established for the scratch golfer is known as the Course Rating. There is also a rating for the bogey player known as the Bogey Rating. This Bogey Rating is not normally published but is used to determine a Slope Rating. The Slope Rating is an evaluation of the relative difficulty of a course for players other than scratch.

Course rating teams authorized by the Kansas Golf Association carry out the on-course portion of the rating process. The KGA will then review the work of the team and issue new ratings. These ratings are vital in calculating a person's handicap for that particular course (Course Handicap). In 2016, the KGA Course Rating Teams rated 85 tees at 23 golf courses.

2017 Courses Scheduled for Rating by the KGA & KWGA

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Changes to the USGA Course Rating System for 2016-2017

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