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Kansas Golf Associaition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kansas Golf Foundation?

It is the charitable affiliate of the Kansas Golf Association. KGF is the only statewide charitable foundation in Kansas devoted exclusively to golf.

What kind of charity is the KGF?

KGF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt educational foundation, and contributions are deductible in accordance with IRS Rules.

What does the KGF do?

The Mission of the Foundation is to Promote the Future and Preserve the History of Golf in Kansas. To fulfill this Mission, the Foundation awards college scholarships to Kansas junior golfers and operates the Kansas Golf Hall of Fame.

What types of scholarships are offered?

The Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship is a need-based academic scholarship given to junior golfers (men and women) who will be attending Kansas colleges and universities. Five Kansas high school seniors are selected each year, and their scholarships are renewable for four years. To see the current Scholars, click here.

Who is in the Hall of Fame?

The Kansas Golf Hall of Fame was founded in 1991 to honor Kansas men and women – amateur and professional – who have made outstanding contributions to the game of golf. Some well-known HOF members are Tom Watson, Jim Colbert, Judy Bell, Marilynn Smith, Jake Carey, Stan Thirsk, Grier Jones and Jug McSpaden. To see all members of the Hall of Fame, click here.

What will my donation support?

All contributions are used to support the programs of KGF. We are an all-volunteer organization, so our adminstrative expenses are minimal and your donation directly supports the Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship program.

Where can I learn more?

Contact the Foundation by email or by phone at (785) 842-4833 ext. 205