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Handicapping Resources

About GHIN
What is the GHIN Handicap System?  How did it begin?

Post A Score

Click the link above to post your scores.

Handicap Lookup
Click the link above to lookup your Handicap Index.

Course Handicap Calculator
Use this tool to find out your Handicap Index at different courses.

Equitable Stroke Control
What is Equitable Stroke Control?  Find out here.

USGA Handicap System Manual

The USGA Handicap System
manual, the handicapping equivalent of The Rules of Golf
, breaks down the entire process of how handicaps are properly calculated and all the formulas that are used in determining these figures. The manual discusses everything from Course Rating™ to Equitable Stroke Control™.

Handicap Education
Information on local and national seminars can be found here.

Order Club Supplies
KGA member clubs can order scorecard stock, cart sign stock and golf club shaft labels and have them shipped directly to the club.

Handicapping FAQ
Handicapping can be a difficult subject to grasp. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about handicapping.