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Kansas Golf Associaition

Off-Season Posting

The USGA Handicap System Manual states - Adjusted gross scores from all courses with USGA Course and Slope Ratings made during the active season, both at home and away, shall be posted by the player along with the appropriate USGA Course and Slope Ratings.

The active score posting season in Kansas is from March 1 - November 15.

A. The last day scores can be posted for handicap purposes is November 14th. Rounds played after that date can not be posted for the purpose of handicap calculation.

B. If your club participates in the "Off-Season" score posting you are allowed to post scores at your local clubs handicap computer. With "Off-Season" mode enabled, scores posted in the off-season will only update a players Trend Handicap. Trend Handicap is an estimate of a handicap and is identified by the letter "L" to indicate it is a local handicap. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: If I play in Arizona over the winter can I post these scores and will they be calculated towards my Handicap Index?

Answer: Yes, if a player winter's or vacations to a part of the country where they are in the active season scores may be posted and will be calculated in the next handicap revision.

Question: How would I post a score shot in Texas over the Christmas break?

Answer: It's easy! If your club participates in online score posting you can go to www.ghin.com and post your score(s). The system recognizes which part of the country are "In-season" and those that are in "Off-Season". If you are unsure, just try to post.

Question: Will my scores posted in "Off-Season" mode be calculated into my Handicap Index once the season starts?

Answer: No. The score posting software at your club will automatically delete scores posted locally in the off-season. Each player will start the new season right where they left off the year before.

If you have more questions about posting scores in the off-season please contact the KGA office.