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Kansas Golf Associaition

KGA Handicap Club

Join Our Club!

The Kansas Golf Association established its own handicap club in February of 2009. Our club is an internet-based golf club for golfers who do not have a home course and regularly play courses anywhere in the state of Kansas. The club was launched to allow golfers the ability to set up a GHIN handicap number without being affiliated with any particular golf course or club.  The Kansas Golf Association Handicap Club allows the golfer freedom to play different courses and still belong to a club.

Creating an eGolfer Account:

eGolfer is a dashboard that is available to all golfers using the GHIN service, regardless if you belong to a club who uses eClubhouse or not. Creating an account is easy! Follow these simple steps after clicking on the "Create a Profile" link below under the eGofler Login. 

Existing eGolfer members who wish to renew their membership to the KGA Handicap Club will be able to do so using the eGolfer widget. As an active or inactive golfer you will need to first login to your profile below and choose the "KGA Handicap Club" from the drop-down menu. Once at the KGA Handicap Club webpage you will be notified that you are "Inactive" at the club and click here to Renew your membership.

eGolfer Login

Why Become a Member of the KGA Handicap Club?
  • Track your scoring history and your game stats online
  • Creates a handicap index that will travel to all courses
  • USGA Handicap Index from the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN)
  • Eligibility to participate in KGA Championships and Player of the Year
  • Subscription to the Kansas Golfer Online Newsletter
  • eRevision - Have your Handicap Index emailed to you at each revision
  • Online Score Posting
  • Hole-in-one and Age-Shooter recognition and certificates
  • Access to discounts on hotels and shopping made by KGA affiliations
  • Satisfaction of supporting the game of golf in Kansas

Membership Level

Regular Membership - $30
Junior Membership - $10 (ages 18 and under)

For assistance in either creating an eGolfer profile or becoming a member of the KGA Handicap Club please contact our office. Thank you for you support of the Kansas Golf Association. We hope to see you on the course!