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Kansas Golf Associaition

Oak Golf Consulting

Operations/Turf Management Consultation

KGA member facilities are eligible for a complimentary evaluation of their operations through an agreement between the KGA and Oak Golf, Inc.  With more than 100 years combined experience in the golf industry, Oak Golf provides a wide array of services for golf facilities ranging from specific turf management activities to a comprehensive facility operations arrangement. Under the direction of Dick Stuntz, Oak Golf has a proven track record of helping golf facilities address pressing issues with the end result being improved playing conditions and more financially successful operations.

The complimentary service to KGA member clubs utilizes Oak Golf’s comprehensive facility evaluation tool that results in a top-level report that identifies strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the facilities. The report also provides a general summary of actions that can be taken to improve shortcomings noted in the on-site evaluation. Facilities can further arrange for Oak Golf to conduct a more specific and in-depth review on a particular subject (i.e. course conditions, budget evaluation, revenue streams, etc.).

For more information on Oak Golf, visit www.oakgolf.net.