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Kansas Golf Associaition


The Kansas Golf Association maintains a small full-time administrative staff, but it is the volunteers that are the driving strength of the KGA!

The Kansas Golf Association is proud to have some of the finest tournament and course rating committee members including many that are members of several USGA championship committees.

Volunteers of the Kansas Golf Association are just that, volunteers. They are not paid for their time or efforts. It is a love for the game of golf and desire to give back to the game by contributing their time and efforts.

Volunteers serve in several different capacities detailed below:

Tournament Committee

Tournament Committee members
help administer over 150 days of competition each year, including 15 state-level championships. Tournament Committee members are classified into several different areas which include:

Rules Official
Scoring Area

Course Rating Committee

The Course Rating team serve the clubs and golfers of Kansas by systematically rating the state’s 170+ golf courses. Our committee members follow strict USGA guidelines for rating each course. A course must first be accurately measured, and then obstacles that affect playing difficulty are evaluated in accordance with established standards. Typically, teams spend over multiple hours making measurements and statistical calculations necessary to produce a course and slope rating.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the KGA are also volunteers from all regions of the state of Kansas. The board members contribute their time and pay their own expenses in governing the Kansas Golf Association.

If you are interested in becoming a KGA volunteer, please download the KGA committee person application and return to the KGA office via mail or email.

Virgil Parker Award

The KGA’s Virgil Parker Award, created in 1997,  is given at the discretion of the KGA’s Executive Committee to those individuals that have made an impact on golf and golfers in Kansas through significant volunteer efforts.  Click here for more information and past recipients.