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Kansas Golf Associaition

Class of 1993

Club Professional

Known as "Mr. Golf in Wichita", Consolver served as the head golf professional at Sim Park (1938-Tex Consolver50), MacDonald Park (1951-69), and Pawnee Prairie (1969-73). He was a great player as well. He is a past champion of the South Central PGA section, and a four-time senior champion of the South Central PGA section. His instructive eye nourished the game of many great golfers and his legacy continues in the hands of over 10 golf professionals. Consolver is quoted as saying "I have never met a golfer I didn't like."  Consolver passed away in 1999.   return to Hall of Fame

Amateur Player

One of the most dominant players in state history, "Tash" won the Natasha Fife1956 Kansas Amateur championship in the middle of her incredible run as Wichita champion from 1955-62. She competed in numerous national events including five USGA Amateurs. In 1960, Fi fe was named as one of the "Top Ten Golfers in America." Natasha became what many referred to as one of the "purest golfers" (blessed with every playing attribute possible and a flawless temperament to match) ever produced in Kansas.  return to Hall of Fame

Amateur Player

Vickers incredible amateur history began at the age of 21 when he won the Colorado Amateur Jim Vickersback-to-back in 1949 & '50. In 1952, playing for the University of Oklahoma, Vickers won the Intercollegiate Championship (Now the NCAA). Having qualified for th e U.S. Open in both 1958 & '59, Vickers returned to be crowned Kansas amateur champion on his home course, Wichita Country Club, in 1964. Competing in the 1966 Masters, Vickers missed the cut by one stroke. Jimmy is three-time champion of the World Seni ors Championship. Now residing in Indian Wells, Calif., Vickers also served 35 years as a Director of the Trans-Mississippi Golf Association.  return to Hall of Fame