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It’s All Golf – My Adventure at the PGA Show

By Kim Richey, KGA Executive Director


Every January the PGA of America conducts its Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida.  If you are an avid golfer, it’s “kid in a candy store time”.  If you are a club pro, it’s time to find the best deals on merchandise for your shop.  If you are a golf administrator, it’s time to be overwhelmed!

After one full day with a few miles walked up and down the rows of vendor booths I can give you the following report on the products and services that you may not have heard about and for which you might have an interest.   You’ll notice I have nothing to report on clubs and balls!

In no particular order:

CamCaddyPro. If you like to spend quality time on the practice range here’s a product for you.  The device holds your cell phone (with camcorder function) and it mounts onto a standard alignment stick.  Set it up, turn on your camcorder and start recording you swing or putts.  Play it back at the range or later, or download the “picture of perfection” to you social media!  See www.CamCaddyPro.com.

Chill Skinz. This instant cooling towel would be great in hot, humid Kansas.  The maker claims the dampened towel drops 20 degrees from the outside temperature and last for several hours – all without ice!  See at www.chillskinz.com.

3Bays GSA. Can’t tell from the name of the product what this does, so take a look at the website, www.3bayslife.com/gsa.  This is an electronic sensor device that fits into the top of the golf club’s grip.  As you swing the club data is stored/transmitted to an application on your smart phone giving you a variety of information.  Looks like you better have a good understanding of swing analysis and ball flight!  For me, it was one of those technology applications that makes the point that golf not my dad’s game anymore!

SwingSmart. This device attaches to the shaft of any club and transmits all of the swing data to its application installed on your smartphone or  Ipad each time the club is swung.  Pretty cool for $250.  See at www.swingsmart.com.

Golfdotz. For $6 you get 24 “permanent stickers” to place as an identification marker on you golf ball.  The selection is impressive and something much nicer than your typical “sharpie marking”.  Take a look at www.golfdotz.com.   The company also has “shoe tattoos”!

KentWool. This company claims to have “The World’s Best Golf Sock”.   Made of merino wool, the product can be seen at www.kentwool.com.

Ship Sticks. If you travel by air to play golf, you know the hassle and expense involved in getting your clubs to the course with you!  This company might be an option for you for ease and savings.  Check out www.ShipSticks.com.

Hole-in-One U.S.A. If you are conducting an event where you want to give away a significant prize to any participant that makes a hole-in-one, this company will provide you with the low-cost insurance option (and they even have access to some outstanding prizes like tickets to major golf events or dream golf trips!).   Get the details at www.hiousa.com.