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USGA with R&A Update the Rules of Golf

Effective January 1, 2016 there will be some changes to the Rules of our game.  The USGA in a joint statement with the Royal and Ancient of St. Andrews, the two bodies governing worldwide the Rules of Golf, listed several interesting and important changes.  For a complete presentation with instructive videos, follow this link - USGA.org 2016 Resource Guide.

It was announced so long ago that many golfers might have forgotten that the prohibition of playing a stroke with a club “anchored” to the body goes into effect January 1st.   The furor may have died down over the last few months, but the application of this new Rule may take years to gain full acceptance.  By the way, all KGA events will follow and enforce this Rule prohibiting the anchoring of the club against the body during a stroke.  In short, it is a Rule, not a condition of competition!

Probably the next most important change is the withdrawal of Rule 18-2b (a ball moved by a player after it is addressed).  In 2012 the Rules were tweaked to not penalize a player if the ball was moved by wind, but the scenario seemed to cause more confusion on the application of the Rule.  So, now the Rule will be eliminated and a player will only be penalized (one stroke) if he actually did something to cause the ball to move.  If he did not, then the ball will be played from its new position and no penalty incurred.   The USGA’s statement and videos should make that clear for all that want to understand the new Rule.