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What’s up with the Euro and the Pound Sterling?

Current financial news and commentary is full of the news about the strengthening US dollar and simultaneous weakening of the Euro.  And there is also a significant weakening of the Pound Sterling.

So, what’s that got to do with golf?

In short, it means that a trip to Scotland, Ireland or England to play some of the best golf links in the world is now ON SALE!  In fact, the price of a round of golf over there is now anywhere from 15 to 33 percent cheaper than it was last year.  And, the outlook expressed by the “pundits” is that weakening of those currencies will continue through 2016.

If you have ever thought about taking a golf trip to the British Isles, this might be your best chance.  Don’t be intimidated by the scope of the plan.  Just decide where you would like to go and then visit www.sullivangolftravel.com, the official KGA provider of golf travel services to Ireland, Scotland and England.

Cathal O’Sullivan will give you the best professional and personal service in helping you build your trip to the home of golf.  Whether it’s just your foursome and a large group from you club, league or organization, Cathal can handle it.  He can get you on the golf courses you want to play and he will get you into a great hotel for a reasonable price.  And, of course, he’ll get you from place to place without having to master driving on the wrong side of the road!

If you want to be part of the KGA’s escorted trip to Scotland in July 2016, email kim@kansasgolf.org for more information.    If you haven’t been there – you need to go!  If you have been there before – you want to go again!