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2017 KJGA-Junior Golf Preview

Golf season will be here before we know it and many of you have already begun checking our website in preparation for 2017. While the schedule has yet to be finalized, we have made a couple changes since the initial rollout. As sites are confirmed I try to update our website as soon as possible. However, due to several tournament conflicts a few adjustments had to be made. Please take the time to view our current schedule here!

Reminder: KJGA Entries will begin on Wednesday, March 1st at 9:00 am.

With a few details yet to confirm, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to announce several revisions to our Junior Sectional Program. Through careful consideration, these are the changes you can look forward to in 2017:

  1. We will be implementing a tiered entry fee system. Single-day KJGA sectionals will remain at our 2016 levels of $40 for players 12 & up and $18 for players 11 & under.  However, our Two-Day KJGA Sectionals will increase to $80 for players 12 & up and $36 for players 11 & under. Effectively, the cost of playing in four tournament rounds remains constant.
  1. There will be an increase in the points earned from each Two-Day sectional event.  This new point system will place a greater emphasis on our multi-day events.

Single-Day KJGA Sectionals:
1st-10 pts, 2nd-7 pts, 3rd-4 pts, 4th-2 pts, 5th-1 pt

Two-Day KJGA Sectionals:
1st-20 pts, 2nd-16 pts, 3rd-14 pts, 4th-10 pts, 5th-8 pts, 6th-6 pts, 7th-4 pts, 8th- 2pts & 9th- 1pt.

1. Junior Golf Scoreboard rankings and AJGA PBE stars can be earned at all of our Two-Day sectional events as well as: The Boys Junior Amateur, Sadie Park Sunflower Girls Junior Championship & the Junior Section Team Championship.
2. And finally, Parents & Spectators WILL BE ALLOWED to assist players in the 11 & under division ONLY. Acceptable forms of assistance include: marking or scoring, golf course etiquette, ball searches & general assistance with pace of play.  Parents & Spectators are NOT ALLOWED to give advice or assistance with club selection, or rulings. For all rulings or doubt as to any procedure, the player shall seek an official or use Rule 3-3, play a second ball, & report it to the committee as soon as possible.

Please remember that players are allowed to enter an unlimited number of sectional events and not required to play exclusively in their own sectional events. We encouraged players to challenge themselves by taking on new competitors and courses across the state.While sectional team points must still be earned in a player’s home section event, Junior Player of the Year points and Kansas-Nebraska Cup points can be earned from events outside of a player’s section.

The KJGA believes that these new revisions will provide more opportunities for our golfers to compete, enjoy the game and get noticed by college coaches.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding these program updates.

For more information on the KJGA section events, KGA Championship events, or KJGA “Player of the Year Points”, please go to our website at www.kansasgolf.org.

We look forward to seeing you this season!