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Kansas Golf Associaition

Changes Coming for Kansas Golfers and Member Clubs

The Kansas Golf Association is pleased to announce some exciting changes to take place in 2018 that will make your membership in the Association more valuable and useful to you and your member club.   Please read the following explanation and address your questions to the KGA at kga@kansasgolf.org or call 785-842-4833.


The Kansas Golf Association, formed in 1908, and the Kansas Women’s Golf Association, created in 1915, has agreed to fully merge the two historic golf associations.   Effective January 1st, the Kansas Golf Association will become the association to serve and represent all golfers and clubs in Kansas.   The KGA will offer professionally administered competitive golf events and programs for men, women, junior boys and girls, and senior men and women.  A volunteer KGA board of directors and officers will have diverse representation of golfers throughout the state from both public and private facilities.  The “new” Kansas Golf Association will continue to be professionally managed and provide a high level of customer service to golfers and clubs throughout the year.


The Kansas Golf Association expects to be settled into new executive offices by the end of February.  In cooperation with the City of Lawrence, the KGA will lease newly renovated space at Eagle Bend Golf Course which is located east of the Clinton Lake damn.   From these new offices the KGA will administer its full slate of competitive golf programs and other services to golfers where it will be more visible to the golfers of Kansas.


Another new feature beginning in January will be the Kansas golfer handicap service being done by the Kansas City Golf Association.  This is the result of a United States Golf Association initiative to streamline the delivery of handicaps to golfers.  KGA golfers may see the KCGA logo on the score posting site or on the update notices, but every dollar paid for annual dues will go directly to the KGA just as it did before.   When KGA clubs or Kansas golfers need assistance with handicap related matters, the call will come to the KGA offices just as before.

The biggest change will be a benefit for all golfers in Kansas.  Every golf club that pays annual club dues to either the KGA or the KCGA will automatically have membership in both golf associations.   This mean all golfers will have eligibility to enter and play in any golf competition conducted by either golf associations, assuming they are age or gender qualified.


There will be new dues rates effective for 2018, as set by the KGA board of directors.

For member golf clubs, the annual clubs dues will be billed in late December with payment requested by January 31st.   Full dues paid on or before April 1st will be entitled to a $25 discount.  The new annual club dues amount has been set at $200 for clubs with 100 or more golfing members and $160 for clubs with less than 100 golfing members.

Annual individual golfer dues will be $22 for both men and women golfers, whether they use the 18-hole or 9-hole service.   Junior golfers (not yet 18 years of age) will pay dues in the amount of $10 per year.   All individual golfer dues is collected by their member club and paid to the KCGA/KGA on their behalf.

The KGA will continue to offer its Eclub for Kansas golfers that do not have a golf course or country club affiliation and they want to have a USGA/GHIN handicap account.


KGA President Sean Thayer of Garden City recently commented that “our Kansas member clubs and golfers will soon know the benefits of the USGA, KCGA and KGA cooperation.   Whether it is the computation of a golf handicap or playing in a golf competition, everyone will appreciate the hard work put in by senior volunteers and staff of the golf associations in Kansas to build this new partnership.  KGA directors and staff members are available to answer questions about the new system.   We are particularly grateful to the KCGA board of directors and staff for a great start to a beneficial partnership.”