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Kansas Golf Associaition

Changes to Club Dues & Golf Handicap System Administration

As we wind down a great 2017 season, we would like to make you aware of some changes you will be seeing to your GHIN Handicap service in the coming weeks and months.  These steps are the first of some very exciting advancement to handicapping that will take place over the next three seasons.  Your handicap service will continue as it always has, but it will look a little different.  As a part of the USGA’s plan to streamline its operations for golfers and clubs, GHIN services will be strategically placed with the Kansas City Golf Association for all clubs in the Kansas City Metro and the state of Kansas.

What changes will golfers see?

Handicap services will continue uninterrupted, and you will continue to receive GHIN update newsletters on the 1st and 15th of each month.  These newsletters, along with your mobile app and kiosk will look a little different with the KCGA logo starting on December 1, 2017.  Your handicap index is still issued by your home or online club and handicap committee, and they will be your first point of contact when you have questions regarding your handicap index.

What does this mean for golfers?

  • All golfers will now be members of both the Kansas Golf Association and the Kansas City Golf Association.
  • All golfers will be eligible to compete in tournaments conducted by both the Kansas Golf Association and the Kansas City Golf Association as well as the USGA.
  • For current KWGA members, handicap fees will be paid through your club staff or handicap chairperson if you are a club/facility member or through eClubhouse; no more women’s club dues or individual membership dues – one-stop shopping.
  • No need to have separate handicap chairs for men and women – one committee for each club or facility will oversee handicaps for men, women, and junior golfers.
  • Your newsletter will now have news, information, championship registration, and tournament results for all of Kansas and the KC Metro.

What does this mean for my golf club?

  • Billing will be consolidated so that each facility receives only one bill for men, women, and juniors.
  • All service for handicaps and other related items will be handled in one office – no need for them to call someone different for men’s handicaps and women’s handicaps.
  • Course rating will be consolidated so that teams rate golf courses for men and women at the same time – changes are easier to present to members/patrons and keep current on scorecards and other printed materials.

What does this mean for the KGA/KWGA?

You have probably received communication regarding the recently approved KGA/KWGA merger to be effective on January 1, 2018.  The newly-merged Kansas Golf Association will continue to provide excellent championships, junior golf programs, and other services for all golfers in the state of Kansas.  If your club had been receiving handicap services from the KGA or KWGA previously, your handicap fees will still support the Kansas Golf Association in the same manner and amount as in prior years.

The staffs of both the Kansas Golf Association and the Kansas City Golf Association look forward to working together to serve golfers and promote golf in Kansas and Kansas City going forward.

Please contact Jacque Madison at the Kansas City Golf Association with any questions you may have regarding handicap service. (913) 649-5242, x2 or jacque@kcgolf.org.