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Kansas Golf Associaition

Remembering Jack Simpson

The Kansas golf “family” lost one of its strongest supporters and advocates Wednesday with the passing of former KGA president Jack Simpson of Wichita.   He was 79.  A memorial service will be held on Saturday, May 5th at Wichita’s Central Christian Church (29th and Rock Road) at 11:00 a.m.

Jack was fond of using the term “go make golf a better game”!   It was reflective of his typical serious outlook on the traditions of golf while at the same time not taking himself too seriously.  He attempted to make golf an important sport and activity for Wichitans and Kansans of all ages.  He devoted countless days as a KGA volunteer over 20 years.  He was elected to the Kansas Golf Association’s board of directors in 2003.   During his volunteer service done with distinction, Jack was a junior golf section chairman organizing and running junior competitions in the Wichita area, a KGA director and an association officer ultimately serving as KGA president for two years and eight years on the KGA’s Executive Committee, the co-chairman of the 2001 U.S. Women’s Amateur held at Flint Hills National Golf Club and a major “face of the KGA” while serving as a starter and rules official at countless KGA competitions for all ages and skill levels.  He knew the players personally and took great interest in their accomplishments.

Jack loved golf and his friends and colleagues would agree.  He was a member of Crestview Country Club and Flint Hills National Golf Club where he was also a prominent contributor of his time and skills.

“The Kansas Golf Association has been blessed to have the devotion, wisdom and support of outstanding personalities over the decades.  Its current high level of programs and services is a direct result of the contributions made by people like Jack Simpson,” commented KGA Executive Director Emeritus Kim Richey upon learning of Jack’s passing.  “He was a great friend and supporter and it was my great honor and privilege to have presented Jack with the KGA’s Virgil Parker Award in November 2016.”

Thank you, Jack.   You did make golf a better game!