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Welcome to the 34th year of the Kansas Junior Golf Association. The KJGA Junior Tour is designed to offer competitive junior golf across the state of Kansas.

We have restructured our program in 2019 to serve the needs of the modern junior golfer in Kansas. We provide a combination of one and two-day events throughout the state that any player can compete in and earn points for the season-ending Junior Tour Championship, as well as earning Junior Player of the Year points.

Tournament Entry

KJGA Members may participate in an unlimited number of the KJGA Tour Events. This gives each junior golfer more opportunities to meet new competitors and play different courses throughout the state. Players can earn points at all events for the season-ending Tour Championship and Junior Player of the Year.

Entries begin on March 1st each year. Online entry or paper entry forms with the fee included must reach the Kansas Golf Association office by the designated entry deadline for each event.


Open to junior golfers who are under the age of 19 or recently graduated from high school and not yet a full-time in college student. You may be enrolled, but you must not be an active full-time college student taking 12 credit hours or more. Your age on May 15, 2019 will determine the age group of competition for the entire summer program.

Must be a resident of the State of Kansas with one exception.  If you reside outside the State of Kansas but live in a bordering state you may join the KJGA and compete in the tour events and be eligible for Junior Player of the Year, Junior Match Play and Kansas Junior Cup team.

There is no minimum age requirement.

There is no minimum handicap requirement; however, ALL participants must have an active USGA GHIN Handicap account at a KGA/KCGA member club.


The tournament field at each tour event will be limited to 104 players (unless noted as a limited field size), distributed throughout the five age divisions. Entry will be on a first-come, first served basis.

Five Age Divisions: 11 & Under (9 holes), 12-13, 14-15, 16 & Over and Girls Division.

ALL age divisions from 12-18 will play 18 holes. All girls and boys ages 13 & under will play from the forward tees. The 11 & under division will play 9 holes and will be allowed to have parents serve as a caddie.

Awards: medals to the top three in each age division for each tour event will be given. A scorecard playoff will decide ties for medals; however, the points will be split evenly.

Players who finish high enough in their division will be invited to compete at the season-ending tour championship.


Number of Top Players Invited

11 & Under


Boys 12-13


Boys 14-15


Boys 16+





The event will be played July 8-9, 2019 at Emporia Golf Course (Emporia, KS).

Players who win their division in any KJGA Tour Event will receive an automatic invitation into the KJGA Tour Championship.

ALL decisions made by the KJGA & KGA are final. Ties for positions are broken as follows.

A. If all players are present at the final tour event, a sudden death playoff will be used.

B. If not all are present, the player who has the highest single finish in any of one of the KJGA Tour events will be selected.

C. If still tied, the player who has placed higher in head-to-head competition. If they both have finished above the other and are still tied, go to the next highest finish.

D. The player who has competed in the most tour events in 2019.

E. If a tie still exists the spot will be determined by lot.

Tour Points System

The following point system ONLY applies to qualify for the KJGA Tour Championship. These points are earned at the KJGA Tour Events throughout the state. These points DO NOT apply to Junior Player of the Year.


Single-Day KJGA Tour Events:

1st-10 pts, 2nd-7 pts, 3rd-4 pts, 4th-2 pts, 5th-1 pt

Multi-Day KJGA Tour Events:

1st-20 pts, 2nd-16 pts, 3rd-14 pts, 4th-10 pts, 5th-8 pts, 6th-6 pts, 7th-4 pts, 8th- 2pts & 9th- 1pt.

NOTE: These points are awarded at each Junior Tour event. In case of ties, points are divided evenly. Medals are awarded based on a scorecard playoff procedure (no additional holes are played).


Membership in the Kansas Junior Golf Association is $25.00 per year and is paid with a completed application.  Membership is required to participate in the KJGA program and earn KJGA Tour Championship points.  KJGA membership is available at any time throughout the season. Entry fees will not be accepted without the proper entry application.

Single-Day KJGA Tournament Entry Fees

11 & Under: $18.00

12+: $40.00

Multi-Day KJGA Tournament Entry Fees

11 & Under: $36.00

12+: $80.00

In order to participate, the KGA office must receive your entry form and fee by 4:00 pm on the entry deadline date.  Entry deadlines are approximately one week prior to the start of each tour tournament. If a player has missed the entry deadline, they must contact the KGA office immediately. Late entries are accepted but are at the discretion of the KGA office.

NO green fees are paid to the golf course by the player on the day of the event.

All practice rounds will be at the discretion and fee set by the host facility.

Refund Policy

Membership dues will not be refunded at any time.  Entry fees will only be refunded if the tour event becomes full.  There are no refunds for withdrawals for any reason with one exception.  Withdraws of a medical nature must present the KGA with a doctor's note to verify the injury or medical condition.

Starting Times

Player information and starting times are posted on the KGA website 5-7 days prior to the event, they are not mailed. If you do not have internet access, call the KGA office.  Please do not call the host golf course.

Do not be late to your tee time.  There is no formal check-in for KJGA events. We ask that each player arrives at their assigned tee at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time. You will either be penalized or disqualified if you are late to your starting time.

Do not ask for a change in your assigned tee time.  If you have a special request, state it with your entry form, or contact the KGA office and we will attempt to meet the request.


All Players 12 years of age and older must walk and carry/pull/push their own clubs.  Non-motorized pull carts are allowed. Parents and friends may not caddie or put clubs on a cart.


Players 11 & Under must walk. New in 2019, Parents can caddie for their child in the 11 & Under age division. Please be aware of the USGA Rules for Caddies.

Each player must have their own clubs (no sharing with another player).

Golf Attire

Proper golf attire is required. No t-shirts, tank tops or denim shorts. Boys shirts must have a collar and must be tucked in. Hats, if worn, must have the bill forward. Girls shorts/skirts must be at least fingertip length when standing.

Golf shoes are recommended, but not required.  As a condition of competition, the KJGA players will not be allowed to wear the traditional steel or ceramic tipped spikes on their golf shoes.  Players may wear golf shoes with alternative “spikeless” products, i.e. Soft Spikes.  Or players may wear any golf teaching shoe, tennis shoe, sneaker, or any other hard or soft-soled shoe that will not penetrate and/or damage a soft putting green.  Penalty: Disqualification.

Note:  The KJGA and the Kansas Golf Association assumes no liability to players for this condition of the competition (no-spikes). By submitting the program entry form and subsequently playing in the events, player agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the KJGA, KGA and its respective affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents and assigns from and against any and all claims, damages, liabilities and losses, including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses of litigation, arising out of any negligent act or omission of the indemnifying party in connection with the wearing of “spikeless” shoes.

Withdrawals and Scorecards

If a player begins any competition and fails to turn in a scorecard, or if they enter a competition and do not play without notifying the KGA office 24 hours in advance, that player will be penalized two strokes at the start of play in the next KJGA event they enter.  Repeated violations could result in suspension from KJGA and KGA sponsored events.


The host club may allow parents or other friends to rent carts.  Spectators are always welcome but are not allowed to give advice or assistance (club selection, rulings, etc.).  Spectators are asked to forecaddie & search for golf balls, however, they should not hold a conversation when in search of a golf ball.  Spectators shall never pick up any golf ball from the golf course.  In general, spectators are asked to remain 20 yards from all competitors, keep carts on paths at all times & view play from the side, not from behind. This might disrupt play in the following group.

Spectators who become unruly or verbally abuse host course staff, KGA staff, volunteers, spectators or players, will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Violations of parent/spectator etiquette could result in a disqualification of a junior competitor.

Code of Conduct

All players are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner.  See Code of Conduct for more details.  Any contestant who is found to be cheating will be disqualified and suspended for the remainder of the year from all KJGA and KGA events.


In 2019, the KJGA will be played as a tour. The KJGA Tour will no longer recognize boundaries. There will no longer be sections; players can play and earn points at any event.

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