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Kansas Golf Associaition

Online Event Registration

credit cards accepted online
All entrants must have an active GHIN number through a KGA member club to be eligible to participate in any KGA competition.  If your GHIN number is not active, you will not be allowed to proceed to the online entry form.  Inactive and deleted GHIN numbers are also not accepted.

Tournament Registration System Information

The Kansas Golf Association implemented a new tournament online entry system in 2010.  Here are some helpful hints to assist you using the new system for the first time:
  1. Users must have a player profile created before entering tournaments
  2. If entering a KGA Senior Series, KGA Mid-Amateur Series or KJGA-Junior Golf events, you must first sign up and pay for program membership dues before being allowed to enter tournaments.
If you have played in any KGA competition in the past couple of years you most likely have a player profile created in the new online entry system.  Here is your information and an example of your username and password:

Username:     FirstName LastName  (i.e. John Smith)
Password:      Date of birth in the following format – MMDDYYYY   (i.e. 10101979)

You can then update your profile information and change your username and password information once you log into the system for the first time.

If you have not played in a KGA competition since 2009, you will need to register and create a new player profile before entering any KGA tournaments.

Click Here to Enter Online

Attention: KGA Senior Series, KGA Mid-Amateur Series and KJGA-Junior Golf participants:

Before entering KGA Senior Series events, KGA Mid-Amateur Series or KJGA-Junior Golf events, players must become a member of that respective program.  Follow these steps to pay your annual $65 KGA Senior Series dues, $30 KGA Mid-Amateur Series dues or your $25 KJGA-Junior Golf dues.
  1. Login or register your player profile in the new online entry system
  2. At the far left in the green column is a link to PROGRAM SIGNUP. Click that link.
  3. Check the appropriate program membership box at the left and then click the REGISTER button towards the top.
  4. Proceed to the payment screen and enter your credit card payment information.
Please contact the KGA office if you are having any problems entering online.